Wednesday, April 27, 2011

David Alvarez reviews Jeremy Week

Jeremy Week

Photographer Jeremy Week is actually a software engineer by trade, but it was being cooped up at the office feeling the need to escape that pushed him towards photography. Week was featured in the spotlight section of Color magazine, which by chance this month came as a part B&W. Although the few photographs that were featured in the article were definitely nice to look at, it was the one entitled We're Almost There that pushed me to further into this artist and visit his website.

We're Almost There, according to the organization of his website, is a part of his abstract landscape series. Though all of his series are based off his escapes from the desk job into nature and the outside world, it is his abstract landscape series that (to me) begin to create this sense of escape. The way in which he abstracts the image reflects the way the impressionist of the 19th century saw the world; a few of them even seem to pay homage to Monet's water lilies.

Like the impressionists, Week really just lets the pictures happen, by panning the camera in various motions he lets the forms of nature become the main part of the image.

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