Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Greg Gabrisch reviews Sarolta Ban

Sarolta Ban is a Hungarian photo manipulator I recently came across while looking at different artists on the internet. I instantly became very interested with Sarolta’s images, mostly because they are similar to the style and technique that I prefer to work with. Sarolta uses up to a hundred layers to produce these surreal photo manipulations. The images contain things you may see on any normal day but are arranged in the composition in a way that create a very interesting and imaginative dream like feel. Each image seems to tell a strange and interesting story that could be interpreted by each viewer very differently. Sarolta’s photos take you into another world so far from our own reality and that’s what I find so great about it. Sarolta says “I like using ordinary elements and by combining them, I can give them various stories, personalities. I hope that the meaning of my pictures are never too limited, are open in some way, each viewer can transform them into a personal aspect. So I’m happy if different people find different meanings in my images.”

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