Monday, April 25, 2011

Blair Bodden submits Blue Mitchell

Blue Mitchell is an artist, publisher, and founding editor of Diffusion Magazine. Mitchell is a big a supporter of alternative photography. The Mythos series that Mitchell composed has always resonated with me as a photographer. He depicts dreamlike fabrications that when the viewer stands in front of them questions whether they are awake or sleeping. Mitchell is quoted as saying, “His intent is to capture a world that’s been subverted by intellect. He goes on to say that as children, we are acutely aware of the moments and experiences that shape out understanding of our lives and events. Overtime, that view becomes polluted by culture and society and those extremes blend reality and fantasy that as adults, we tend to visit only in our dreams.” Mitchell portrays this beautifully with the processes that he uses in his photography. His images are not displayed matted or framed; they are transferred to wood panels and covered with uv gloss varnish instead of glass. I assume that he uses an acrylic lift for this process but I am not sure. The technique he uses provides the images with a soft dreamlike state where the images are suspended in time.

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