Tuesday, April 26, 2011

David Alvarez reviews Filip Przewozny

Filip Przewonzy

Polish photographer Filip Prezwozny, born 1985, uses his camera and the photographic image to create dreamlike atmospheres. The amazing thing about his images is that, after closer evaluation of his photographs, one can see that they are simply images of ordinary objects or people doing mundane activities. That is to say he seems to bring a whole new reality and meaning to each of his images; they began to seem horrific and nightmarish.

By emphasizing the graininess of the film and stark darkness of black and white photography he begins to create his alternate realities. The effect is finished when he abstracts the image by blurring and obscuring the scene so things are no longer in focus and only an impression of what the object might be remains.

After finding him featured in the spotlight section of an Issue of Black and White magazine, I can safely say that Prezwozny is, in my opinion, the most intriguing artist that I have blogged about this semester. His images, to me, just evoke this hallucinogenic and dreamlike state that pushes you into your inner most consciousness.

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