Monday, December 11, 2017


            The word/theme that illustrates Olivia Locher’s work is humor. Most, if not all of her images are staged in which she sets up a backdrop, lighting and subject matter. Further, usually backdrops are pastel colors, lighting is even and models are natural. Her shooting varies as far as subject matter including single body parts, portraits and still lifes. Influenced by fashion as a child, that quality is unquestionable is her images. Her series and book, I Fought The Law is the most well known,  in which she shoots literal interpretations of ridiculous laws in every state, but How To displays her sarcasm well. For instance, How to Think Inside the Box is quite literal with imagery including a woman’s head inside a box, “thinking”. Aesthetics fir this image incorporates an ivory background; ivory box and light pink tissue paper. Another image, How to be Taller presents a person on a stack of books taped under them. The staged products include a yellow background, green leg, blue tape, striped pants and white unidentifiable books.

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