Monday, December 11, 2017


            There is a room with children variously laying on a floor with rectangular lights evenly spread out, eyes drawn upward to what appears to be jumbo rotating mushrooms growing downward from the ceiling. This is Carsten Holler’s piece, Upside Down Mushroom Room. Like many of his works, Holler explores the whimsical of childhood. He creates scenes of futuristic eccentric forms of transportation. The grounds of carnivals inspire many of his works from his childhood, thus referencing the past and looking towards the future. For instance, familiar scenes of play equipment such as slides and merry-go-rounds as imagined in the future. One illustration of his fascination of the carnival involved his installation of Mass MOCA in which he recreated numerous rides from his childhood with intense, colorful lights and a playful atmosphere. Most of his pieces include viewer interaction to gain the full experience. Ultimately, Holler aims to create a childlike ambience in order to tear down pragmatic barriers. 

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