Tuesday, December 12, 2017

REB reviews Jen Davis

Jen Davis series Eleven Years she began to explicit study her insecurities, her body and social perceptions of beauty which, resulted traces of her self-directed gaze from her early 20’s and 30’s. While her portraits have a painter quality to them with secluded figures immersed in natural light and engaging in simple tasks with an occasional splash of color. Her expressions are often pensive and sincere, even if she is with another person, she seems distant. Her photos undertones are about body image and the series bleed into love and intimacy. She starts to unravel her insecurities through the camera, she shows the viewer her vulnerability which elicits sympathy and empathy. The series not only speaks to those who also deals with weight issues but to those who also struggle with fitting in and over all body problems. Being embarrassed with oneself is a common experience.

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