Monday, December 11, 2017


            Inka Lindergard and Niclas Holmstrom are a photographic team from Sweden immersed in nature. Frequently, they travel together, are drawn to places and reshape the landscape somehow. Additionally, their process includes numerous shots with various visual alterations, during a short amount of time at a specific time of day. Almost always, visual qualities of their work embrace nature (usually cold environments) and vibrant colors. Many of their series have steamed from the common agreement of sunsets as luring and have explored that concept.
            In their series Saga, meaning fairytale or myth in Swedish, Inka and Niclas modify their environment to create just that, a fantastical or mythical place. Although not necessarily magical, materials used include spray cans, smoke and filters to create their spectrum of colors. Saga V illustrates the use of pink smoke to alter the way the viewer perceives this image, from ordinary to supernatural. The red tones in Becoming Wilderness XIX create a haunting awareness.

            Further, they explore color spectrum in The Belt of Venus and the Shadow of the Earth and Adaptive Colorations.

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