Monday, December 11, 2017


            Panic and danger fill the scenes of Tabitha Soren’s series Running. This series is characterized by, ambiguous narratives. The subjects are seen running from an unknown source of fear. There is an obvious sense of movement from the instinctual need to run when danger approaches. Most of the time, the camera is pulled back from the seen and in some cases seems hidden as is someone is watching the characters. The situations and intensity varies within the series. Some of the subjects are running toward the camera and some are running away from the camera. Some of them run as if the thing chasing them in right behind and some as if they think they lost them and are almost safe. From the atmosphere, some of the images are haunting such as John, while others seem more ordinary yet those might be the most haunting because they seem more real than a movie or dream. These images represent the fight or flight mode. In Janelle and Hannah, there are two scenes, the earth and the water occurring simultaneously. The water is a reflection of what is happening on the earth, a women running in the direction from the camera, creating an alternate universe. Where are they going? Who or what are they running from? Those and many other questions are naturally asked when viewing this piece.

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