Monday, December 11, 2017

Henry Lopez Reviews Kavan Cardoza

Kavan Cardoza or "Kavan the Kid" is an artist who works in photo and film based out of Seattle.  His works are heavy with editing and compositing, but it is ultimately to achieve his goal of the look he wants.  In addition, he also creates YouTube videos of his process on different works and creates other work that is not in the realm of fine art photography.  With much of his work he tends to dwell on the dark and mysterious of people and the world.  Creating quite surreal images that do have a strong emotional punch.  All of Cardoza's work uses the figure in a narrative and portraiture fashion, most of which are utilizing himself as the subject.  It is hard to always say what story he is trying to tell, but it is clear that his work is themed in darker tones and confronts the viewer about the state of mind of the subject of each narrative.  What draws me in most about Cardoza's work is the unique stories he wants to tell the audience and the high quality cinematic compositions they create. 

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