Monday, December 11, 2017

Henry Lopez Reviews Chris Hieronimus

Chris Hieronimus is a contemporary photographer, although he has much work to display there I was unable to find out really anything about him.  He has done several series along with changing his style with them, he has done photo documentation, portraits, landscapes, and staged scenes.  For me the staged photography is what drew me in.  He attempts to create these narrative images through the use of composition and lighting, but I found his work to be somewhat different from others I've seen.  He tells a dark stories of isolation like others have before, but his way to tell them is very normal.  The figures are alone most of the time, but they seem to be okay with that, they are empowered in their isolation.  Although they are usually out in nature, they are at peace and more preoccupied with whatever internal struggle they face.  Hieronimus' images are usually dramatically lit and almost feel more like unique portraits, but quite a few give the narrative feel.  He uses washed out colors and a cool cast to push the mood only enhancing what the viewer already sees.

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