Monday, December 11, 2017

REB reviews Lucas Simoes

 Lucas Simões is a artist and architect, he explores topographic aesthetics in fragmented portraiture through his papercut series desretratos (unportraits). He invites close friends over to tell him a deep secret while he photographed them. However, it’s not his intention to hear their secret but to capture the expression and essence of each moment as they reveal their secret. He also asks them to provide a song for him to hear while he photographs them to give the photos a “beat”. Lastly, he asks them if their secret has a color which in turn are the colors the portraits carry and with these three main factors, he chooses 10 different portraits to cut and overlap, creating the overall image. These images have elements of familiarity, the curling of a nostril, a glimpse of an irregular tooth, a pupil staring back at you, reveal themselves in unidentifiable mass. The relationship he has with his subjects add an layer of intimacy and provide another palate of interpretation of a multidimensional portraiture.

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