Monday, December 11, 2017


            Most, if not all of Kathryn Parker Almanas’ works is referencing the medical world. Some images are direct depictions of the medical field while others are more abstract displays of the internal body. Her work includes both staged still lifes, often using food as representations and actual documentation. Through her work, Almanas is obliviously interested in the body, specifically the healing process because of her own experiences. There is a juxtaposition that occurs in her imagery that mimics hospital settings, between the cleanliness of the environment and messiness that arises from emergency situations such as blood splattered. Her series Pastry Anatomy and Dissector and Dissected display the cleanliness of hospitalization while Beholder and Hell Is The Land of Tranquil Light, displays the messiness, although all intentional. Additionally, she touches on both aspects of what is occurring inside our bodies of the physical and the emotional responses. Her pieces are colorful and anatomical.

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