Sunday, January 14, 2018

Bea Nettles is a form of art by Augustine Chavez

Most people may be hesitant to say this, but I want to say it to better understand photography as a method of art. I have often questioned if photography is a form of art. I welcome this idea because it sets me on a journey which I am not so comfortable with in search for conclusions. Bea Nettles has become a road which I would like to travel on. What attracts me to her work is the content. Family issues have always interested me. Upon viewing Nettles work, I appreciate her approach in expressing these issues by using different process in her work. She is not confined to a standard of capturing an image and printing it out. It is interesting how she connects her content with her process of expression in keeping it in an analog feel. Her art further brings conclusion to my initial question about photograph.

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  1. Hmmmm. Are we still asking that question? It seems like the good folks of the 80's and 90's hashed it out pretty well and determined that photos were indeed art forms. Is every photo art? Certainly not, just like every painting is not art, and every thrown pot is not art. It seems like we need to have one of those good old philosophical discussions over beers or coffee to get people's mental juices aflowin. L