Sunday, January 14, 2018

Gabi Cruz reviews Nadia Lee Cohen

Nadia Lee Cohen's 100 Naked Women all started when her friend broke up her with boyfriend and she decided to take pictures of her to make her feel good. Once she saw how great she felt after the photo shoot that was the drive behind the project. The series then developed into what is happening with online female censorship, that women don't have to be restricted in how much skin they can show to the world. Cohen approach to taking her pictures is very cinematic, to the technicolor style, and her models with their facial expressive just all go together. Her work is influence by the 1950's and 60's that look very "house wife" or "stay at home mothers" but it's ironic because her models look very empowered and self-confident in the photos. These weird and surreal worlds that she creates are some of the reasons I'm so interested in her work. Some of are the different angles she sometimes takes the picture, it is not typical taken straight on. Everything is taken in consideration in the shoot to the bright colors that all match with each other even to the background. To the unique female models that are interacting with each other.

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