Monday, January 29, 2018

Jessica Just reviews Cig Harvey

      Over the past semester, I have been looking at the images and readings of Cig Harvey. Her has been described to reveal mysticism in the mundanity of everyday life. Nature and family are pushed into a surreal and airy environment. Things are recognizable and melancholy, but her pairings of objects, the human figure, and color are hauntingly beautiful. Her writing is poetry. While they maintain the idea of being journalistic entries or annotations on everyday life, they are descriptive and when paired with the photographs, transformative.
      In my own work, finding magic and meaning in the humdrum to create a transportational experience is important. Her use of natural light, the simplicity of the content contrasted with implication, and that uneasy yet comforting feeling you get when looking at her work is inspiring and informative to me.

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