Monday, January 29, 2018


            Mythical is the aura Sandeep Dhopate’s series Elysium creates. Dhopate explores the ideology of Elysium, the abode of the blessed after death, apart of classical mythology. Further, Dhopate observes that in most religions, there is a common advocating for a place where there is life after death. Additionally, man has corrupted the journey to the after life, involving violence against each other. Each title of each image is a sentence continuing a story based on the ideas of Elysium that Dhopate wrote. The purpose is to draw attention to living the life on earth instead of striving for the after life and growing in conflict with each other.
            Although all relevant to the text [titles], the images with movement appear more dynamic compared to the more apparent staged images, giving the text life. The color scheme is visually attracting, glistening neon on the subjects bodies and clothing. Most of the backgrounds of the images are deep blue, contrasting the neon colors such as highlighter yellow and magenta.

            Overall, the color scheme, subjects and staged stories create a body of work that is a blend of the real and the surreal.

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