Sunday, January 21, 2018

Jed Vasquez on Markus Jenemark

Markus Jenemark is a photographer featured on lens culture. I will be examining one body of work titled. “Haromkring”. Haromkring is a Swedish word, and from what I understood has two neighboring translations in English. One definition or translation of the word Haromkring is, ` around here`, and the second translation is, ` in the vicinity`.  So, with this translation in mind let us begin. I enjoy the strong vertical lines in all the compositions. There is a very strong contrast in all his shots in this series. The dark's or shadows are intense, but the highlights that are in each shot balance the composition well.  The photos have an old styled look to them, plus, in some photos I sense that I am looking at a scene in the 1940s. Because of the chiaroscuro lighting techniques there is a dramatic effect in each shot. In addition, by using tenebrism Markus can single out what he wants one to focus on in his photographs. I also enjoy the silhouettes that he captures in the trees, atmospheric perspective, shallow depth of field as well as his deep depth of field.  I assume that Markus is not using any special effects or lens toys that would alter the reality of his subjects. So as a result, there is a simplicity (a purist) approach to his craft. Markus can find everyday normal scenes and have them resonate with the observer. He makes photos that connect with others in many ways. There is a nostalgic vibe that I get when I am admiring the photographs of Markus Jenemark.

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