Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Burk Frey reviews Anthony Francis

     Anthony Francis is a San Antonio-based photographer, writer, and collaborator who specializes in portraits. He considers "every picture a portrait," which seems like a mantra or a way of consciously emphasizing his mental approach to photography. I interpret Francis' statement to mean that he finds biography or autobiography in every scene, regardless of content; even so, the vast majority of his work does include human subjects.

Maurice in the City 11

Rosalyn at Window
     Another emphasis for Francis, borne out of his background as an English teacher, is the infusion of poetic imagery or concept in his work. This is most evident in his Real Lyric series, which he presented to the UTSA BFA photo students in Fall 2017 (not pictured).

     While I appreciate Francis' process in that series, I instead find myself drawn to some of his more traditionally narrative work, like his Capoeira For Everyone documentation (excerpted below). I admire the way his personality comes through without overtaking the subject. It feels optimistic and almost co-authored. Francis: "I make portraits because I love people."

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