Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Burk Frey reviews Aaron Tilley

     Aaron Tilley is a still life photographer hailing from Great Britain, famed for his pristine (and often humorous) still life editorial commissions for companies such as Google and Ford. His work does veer heavily to the commercial side, but it's clear that a strong conceptual / metaphorical thread pervades; Tilley found his own way to make a living on his commissions and maintain personal authorship.

     Tilley's biographical information is as sparse and manicured as his images. There is not much available online or in art journals other than "works internationally" and "is British." If his art is anything to go on, I suspect this is intentional curation by Tilley rather than mere happenstance.
     Much of his output is commission-based, but the image below represents an example of a personal series.
Pneumatic Anatomy (2014)
     I find his work truly contemporary, if not in subject matter than in craft: the impossible precision of his subjects, surfaces, color balance, light, and shadow could only be achieved via skilled digital post processing. Perhaps that's a banal observation, but occasionally execution can go so far over the top of "expected" or "normal" as to become an attraction unto itself.
Savory - Bread (for Kinfolk)   
Future Relic 1  

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