Sunday, January 21, 2018

Susan Seubert by Augustine Chavez

I want to make some comments about Susan Seubert. Something that impresses me about her work is she doesn't limit herself to only one type of work. She has many types of work and from what is seems, she is always working. There are so many works of hers available for us to see. I think we as artist work on the subjects we are passionate about, but they many not always be successful with others so we have to keep busy by other means. I did look at Susan's work on travel, portraits, and commercial works, but the work thats feels more personal is her Fine Art work. If you go to her website, there is a list categories you can choose but the Fine Art Photography is what looks more meaningful. I am impressed with her process of work and her process on her success. I feel she contradicts what my undergrad professors would tell me about having different types of works out there. One thing is for sure, you have to always keep working. I hope to focus and study more on her printing process with her Fine Art.

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  1. I'm going backwards, but both of your artists use a very central composition for much of their work. I wouldnchallenge you to consider alternate forms of composition in addition to the centered, singular subject as you create your work this semester. Let's find you some additional influences!