Monday, January 22, 2018

Kelly Cuevas> Edward Burtynsky

Edward is a Canadian photographer who is famous for his global industrial landscape photos. He searches for places like "recycling yards, mine tailings, quarries, and refineries" because they are "all places that are outside of our normal experience, yet we partake of their output on a daily basis." He focuses on that common problem that we are consuming all earths resources yet we ignore the after effects. Man vs. Nature. The images are reflections of "our times."

All his photos are taken from a birds eye view. He exposes and reveals parts of the world that we do not see on a daily basis. He not only shows the resources and amount of damage that we are doing to our environment, but in his "Oil" series he exposes graveyards of the transportation industries. Cars were invented to give us freedom, but there is a price to pay. The amount of natural resources that are consumed in order to make the automobile industry available to the public is devastating to the earth.

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