Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Jesusa Vargas reviews David Corbin

David Corbin is a Fine-Art photographer in Rochester, NY. Currently, he is working on still-life, light, and landscape series that is influenced by literature. After reading that he was a self-taught artist that works with both wet and digital dark room, it sparked my interest in discovering what compositions he has created and various concepts were produced.

I came across David's series called Still Life on the LensCulture website. This series was shot using Delta film in black and white.

In the photo, Vertebrae, a soft vignette frames a seemingly human vertebrae and pelvis that is centered in this composition. The bright smooth surface of the bones contrast with the rough darker background texture that the vertebrae rests on.

Blackberries, is another image the photographer has composed that has similar high contrasting light, however, the subject matter is darker and the the background is much brighter. A metallic bowl filled with dark berries occupies about 80% of the composition. A soft Gaussian blur vignette is employed again and the bowl sits on a dark surface that splits the layout almost in half. The brighter back drop, in a much deeper depth of field, differs from that of the Vertebrae.

David's use of light to create dramatic contrasts and mystery successfully produces visually compelling photographs. His works are inspiring for any photographer interested in the play of light to create eye catching black white images.

Vertebrae. 4x5 ilford delta film. Blackberries. 4x5 ilford delta film © David Corbin

LensCulture. "Contemporary Photography." LensCulture. N.p., n.d. Web. 16 Jan. 2018.

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