Wednesday, January 10, 2018


            Susan Swihart ‘s About Face specifically follows the struggles and triumphs of being a twin but on a broader spectrum revolves around dependency. The entire body of work displays the war between independence and unity and identity amongst a pair. As a viewer the pair does not necessarily mean a twin but can refer to a sibling, significant other, friend, parents or even a thing. Entangled, Support and Shelter represent the moments of oneness where the two people blur into each other and create a morphed individual. Scientifically, these girls at one point were one zygote and eventually split into two embryos. These images also highlight the variations of dependency that include comfort and frustration. Always having someone present can be both warming and maddening. Furthering the sense of wrestling with identity, the girls are faceless, whether their backs are to the camera; an object in blocking their face or their head is out of the frame. Joy, Undone and Two represent the individuality that creeps out from them with slightly different gestures such as one sitting entangled and one standing. Clean, Cold, Grow and Listen show how sometimes naturally they are the same no matter how hard they battle against it. Their gestures are almost mirrored in the way their hands are raised in Clean, how their heads are down in Cold, how their legs slant in Grow, and how their hair lays against the ground in Listen. While we all cannot relate to being a twin, we could possibly all relate to having an attachment to someone or something that is both empowering and retraining.

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