Monday, January 22, 2018

Kelly Cuevas>Berton Van Manen

Manen is a dutch photographer that lives and works in Amsterdam, Germany. Her work has exhibited internationally and she has done many solo shows and group shows.

Van Manen documents the everyday life of people in their homes and doing their daily activites. Recently she has been traveling across Russia, China, and Europe. In her series "Lets Sit Down Before We Go," Manen captures the youth and lively side of Russia after the fall of the Soviet Union. I feel as though the title of the series is the perfect way to describe the photos. They are peaceful, vulnerable, and happy. She has managed to reveal these people in these small moments.

"Lets Sit Down Before We Go" is like that breath of air that you take when you make it back to the surface. It is the period of relaxation before people get up and go on with their day.


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