Tuesday, January 16, 2018


            Jane Long describes herself more as a digital artist than a photographer since she has most experience in graphic design and has only recently worked with shooting her own images. Long encourages stock images since that is what began her work in photography and because projects come up that need them such as this project. This particular series Dancing with Costica involved the manipulation of Romania photos shot around WWII by photographer Costica Acsinte. Restoring these images includes the healing brush, dodging and burning, adding or decreasing contrast, controlling highlights and shadows, masking and of course adding color and new elements not in the original photos. Long’s imagery contains just enough reality and just enough fantasy to create an in between world where both of these exists and are normal. With Dancing with Costica, Long creates a story for each image and subject in the image that was not necessarily their before. These images are mysterious, whimsical and living. Further this project is a response to the respect Long has from Acsinte’s work as a photographer.

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