Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Jessica Hawkins reviews Joanne Coates

Joanne Coates is a female photographer based in Yorkshire who works with film photography and tends to have more of a documentary style to her work. She captures scenes of the everyday and uses her medium to tell their stories that tend to have an underlying sense of empowerment which comes through as she has said it is key to her practice and who she is personally. I chose to review her work because I am now working in film and wanted to see what other contemporary artists were doing with it and why they chose to pick up the older format rather than digital. According to Joanne she was given an old film camera from her grandfather which showed her that someone believed in her and her work as well as a love for the process when developing film that is missing with digital. Her photos are rich with color, character, and movement that brings them to life. It really is a documentation, but also a story that draws you in to know more. 

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