Thursday, August 5, 2010

Andrea Huerta Alex Braverman

Alex Braverman is contemporary photographer that was born in Lithuania and has lived extensively in Israel, South Africa and USA. He graduated from the New York Institute of Photography and also studied with Lois Greenfield and Tom Bol, two photographers that influenced his work Bol a travel photographer, took Alex to Prague, Budapest, Tokyo, Kyoto, and other destinations around world. Braverman describes his work as "Photography is about what does not meet the eye." He searches for the subliminal, the stories and metaphors in each photograph.
A photograph that Braverman took in his Houston series is very inspirational to me. It is titled or labled as "MIG7237." It is a photograph of the Houston cityscape with a view of the sky. The photograph is taken in a worm's view which makes it somewhat ominous. It feels as though the buildings are giants that could fall on us. There is also a haze on the buildings that may have been fog or perhaps created artificially with a light leaky camera. The sky is covered with dark skies that look like a tornado is brewing. The light is eerie like what I remember seeing in Dallas before a bad storm that turned into tornados. Some of his photographs have this sort of dreamlike element to them and those are the ones that are of special interest to me since I am exploring that in my own work.

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