Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jackie Nelson Submits John Pfahl

John Pfahl's "Luminous River" collection was inspired by earlier American paintings of the Susquehanna River. He was inspired by these paintings and wanted to further the exploration of documenting the landscapes that this river runs through. Libby you will be shocked about what I'm about to say, but these are pretty boring. I understand that he found beauty in this subject and wanted to capture the "timelessness" of the river in his photos but I feel as though they are unsuccessfull. Looking at them online probably does not do them justice and maybe they were just scanned badly. Looking at the photos as a collection I think the color is dull which makes them uninteresting and the point of view in some of the photos seem not creative at all. It is interesting though that he used a large fomat camera which is the only thing impressive about these photos. So knowing that the detail in them should be incredible, these must be pictures that need to be seen in person.

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