Thursday, August 5, 2010

Brittany Kennedy submits Andrew Yee

These images do his work no justice and you HAVE TO VISIT HIS WEBSITE. Absolute yummy images...well two that I felt were truly abstractions and fine art :-)
As a result of my voyeuristic mission to find out the definite line that makes fashion photography not fine art I came across Andrew Yee. Yee is a fashion photographer who is very talented and I believe does a great job interelocking fine art into his fashion photography. There are many commercial/ editorial shots on his website but there are some very stunning multiple exposure images that scream fine art. The hues are visually appeasing as well as the attention to contrast within the hues. The images read so well as fine art that without knowing he is a fashion photographer if one came across these images it would be easily mistaken for fine art. I have found a new YUMMY artist!!!!

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