Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bianca submits Toni Hafkenscheid

Toni Hafkenscheid is a photographer based in Toronto but originally from the Netherlands. (Seems like the Netherlands is providing us with some crazy cool photographers!) Toni has a strange way of presenting his subjects. I would consider them uncomfortable in a creepy sort of way (portraiture) and then uncomfortable in a perspective manner (landscapes). I find it fascinating that this is the 2nd photographer from the Netherlands(3rd I have found) that creates an almost miniature world for us! You would need to go into his website to see the more "strangely uncomfortable" pictures-- I didn't think I should post them. ha! But I really enjoyed all of them! He has also used the toy camera to come up with some interesting architectural imagery. The use of perspective in any of his works is what might set him apart from many other photographers. In every picture there is a sense of narrative. Check out his website!

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