Thursday, August 5, 2010

Derrick Rutledge presents: Jay B. Sauceda

A 5th Generation Texas native, Jay B. Sauceda’s mission is to share the stories and experiences of those he encounters. He has been featured in such magazines and news prints as The London Times, Culture, GOOD, and Men’s Health. His works that engage me the most are found in his Dim Lights & Thick Smoke series because of the appreciation of what I like to call “hole in the walls”. I too have the affinity to small, low lit drinking arenas because of the small town/down home/everyone knows your name establishments; something you don’t always see photographed, despite the frequency of your (my) visits. I feel that inside each of these dwellings many-a-people are out there to be met to share in experiences.
for more images and experiences.

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