Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Haydeé Muñoz submits John Pfahl

An American photographer, he has a BFA in Arts and a MA in Communications from Syracuse University. He is most famous for his landscapes. In this series he is concerned on human's intent to control nature. On his web page he says that he is very intrigued that most power plants are located in very beautiful landscapes because they often have to be near a river or lake. He likes the connection between power and nature. I enjoy his photos because he has very beautiful landscapes that are work of art by themselves, but when the plants are added they change their subject completely. I love that the plants are always far away and not noticeable at first but still remain the main subject. I like how they look small in the distance and that even though their sources of power they seem powerless because of their scale, and therefore, the power of nature over human is reinforced.

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