Thursday, August 5, 2010

Andrew Stansbury submits Nick Waplington

Bethnal Green Road

Nick Wapplington is a disturbing British man. He is capable of creating beautiful landscapes of wildflowers and forests and then titling them something somewhat sinister, "Adult Friend Finder" or "Dropping Like Flies" creating an uneasiness in the viewer that probably didn't exist before they decided to read the little text next to the photo. Other photos, he creates a "Where's Waldo" aspect to his photos, urging you to find the exact thing his title alludes to. In one called The Jackson 5, the viewer will hunt until they discover the five teddy bears huddled around a child's memorial. Its with his use of wit and dry humor that I find most interesting and intriguing about his work since there's a sense of playfulness with the viewer.
Drowned Farmer

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