Thursday, August 5, 2010

Andrea Huerta Neil Maurer

Neil Maurer is a San Antonio artist that taught photography at the University of Texas for many years. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. He has had exhibits at the Corcoran Gally of Art in Washington D.C., the museum of Fine Art, Houston, Texas and FotoFest in Houston. He has also exhibited in Argentina and Russia and his work in the collection of the Musuem of Modern Art in New York as well as numerous others. His work is an inspiration to me because although he chose various subject it always seemed to concentrate on shadow to create mysterious compositions.
A photograph that related to of Neil Maurer's is titled, "Chiaroscuro," and archival Inkjet print from 2008. It is a photograph of a plant against a stone wall. The photograph is concentrated on the roots of the plant and the ground as well as with the manmade element the stone fence. There is light filtereing through that creates interesting patterns on the wall and ground. It is a geometeric pattern that is in contrast with the organic feeling of the plant and stone wall. I was inspired by his photographs because he is photographing nature and focusing on details of nature and it seems there is also a relationship to man being expressed in his work.

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