Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Andrea Huerta Edward Steichen

Edward Steichen was born in 1879 in Luxembourg. He grew up in Chicago and Michican. He studied drawing and painting as well working in photography. He was part of Alfred Steiglitz gallery and helped to establish the Photo-Secession group of photographers that worked to advance photography as fine art. He participated in numerous painting and photography exhibits throughout his life. He worked as a commercial photographer as well as a fine arts photographer. He developed ways of manipulating photographs by introducing color and removing or intensifying areas by removing parts of the negative.

A photography of Edward Steichen that I am inspired by is " The Flatiron" from 1904. It is a landscape of large buildings against trees with a dark figure walking towards or away from the buildings. It seems that the city is covered with fog. Steichen deliberately created photographs with soft focus that were mysterious and dreamlike. He was interested in creating mystery over photographys I am trying to achieve this semester. The mysterious and dreamy look of his photographs inspire me to create work that has that quality.

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