Monday, August 9, 2010

Brittany Kennedy submits John Davis

John Davis currently has a show at Joan Grona’s gallery downtown entitled “Whiteout series”. These paintings are a mixed media of collage with credit card statements and selected personal statements in which he white outs the text of information along with the combination of digital images of comic strips. His formal composition is very minimalist staying within the shape of a box or rectangle. The color palettes chosen range from a combination of cool colors with deep blues contrasted with purples etc. His mixed media paintings are brilliant bringing in digital images which provide the paintings with depth and content that draws the viewer in. The images of the comic strip are so recognizable yet juxtaposed with the familiar speech bubbles that are a blank space filled with white paint. This draws the viewer in to converse with the piece and conclude the conversation in the overall paintings. These paintings are strong as the mixed media’s draw one in and intriguing content and concept on the “American society” and their ways of consumerism.

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