Thursday, August 5, 2010

Andrea Huerta Rob Ziebell

Rob Ziebell is a Texas photographer that works in film and stills. He earned his BFA at the Universit of Michigan in 1979. He was a Core Fellow at the Glassell School of Art in Houston. He has exhibited his work at the Museum of fine Art and Contemporary Art Museum in Houston, the Dallas Museum of Art, the Art Institue in Chicago as well as other prestigious museums and institutions. His photographs are sometimes about fruit justaposed with bright geometric patterns in odd positions that give them unique personalities. The photographs that were inspirational to me were from his recent show at the McNay Art Museum about objects related to wedding gowns and objects that explore wedding traditions and memories.

The untitled photograph of a wedding gown appeared in a Texas Monthly Magazine article. It is of a wedding gown that is sitting on the floor. It is black and white photograph which seems to add to the drama of the object. Even though this not the type pf photography that I am exploring this semester, it was inspirational to me because of the beaut and mystery of this photograph. It is in sharp focus yet it seems sort of soft because of the fabric in the gown. It is not a typical wedding gown photograph because we don't see the whole gown or the bride wearing it. It seems discarded, not so important after the wedding day is over. It creates a sad feeling about how important that day seems before the wedding and how that changes afterward. This exhibit was interesting because of the many brides that are photographed in the gardens around the McNay but Ziebell shows a different view of the wedding. His photographs are beautiful yet sad and mysterious at the same time.

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