Thursday, August 5, 2010

Andrea Huerta Kent Rush

Kent Rush was born in Hayward, California in 1948. He studied art, drawing and printmaking, at the then California College of Arts and Crafts received his BFA in 1970. He has spent the past 27 years teaching and creating art at the University of Texas a San Antonio. He has exhibited in the United States as well as internationally in London, Brazil, Peru, Mexico, and France. With a background in printmaking, drawing and painting Rush has appropriated photography as a means of making images. He collects ordinary objects and from urban and suburban sites and presents them in a monumental photographs. I am drawn to his photographs of landscapes especially those taken in Oaxaca.
The photograph I am interested in is in the Oaxaxa series. It is titled, "No Title, photograph silver gelatin on paper on wooden panel, 60x48", 1988-89. It is a very mysterious photograph that includes a landscape in the background. It looks as though it was taken with a large format camera that does not take photographs perfectly because there are scratches and look like there were leaks in the camera. There seems to be a veil or figure in the center that is gauzy. It may be a double exposure but I am not sure. I am inspired by its mystery and my wanting to know more about the photograph but have to just be satisfied with not knowing how it was made and why.

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