Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jackie Nelson Submits Gary Duehr

I wasn't going to write about Gary Duehr because at first I did not like anything that I saw. I decided before I moved on I would read one of his artists statements and I feel terrible now because I actually enjoy his concepts. Well at least two of them. In his collection "Works On Paper" he has "Erasures" and "From The Second Story" that I was really interested in. "Erasures" is about Duehr taking photographs of the landscapes passing by while he is traveling on a train. He wanted to capture the sense that these landscapes are quickly flashing by and how quickly they become a forgettable blur. My favorite concept is "From the Second Story." These photos are taken unbeknownst to the subject and from an above point of view. He questions there actions, where they are going, and what they have with them. These are all very interesting questions that makes the viewer take a closer look (after reading his statement).

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