Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Angie Restrepo submits Man Ray

From the time he began attracting attention as an artist until his death more than sixty years later, Man Ray allowed little of his early life or family background to be known to the public, even refusing to acknowledge that he ever had a name other than 'Man Ray'. He was born Emmanuel Radnitzky in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA in 1890, the eldest child of recent Russian Jewish immigrants. After graduation from high school, he was offered a scholarship to study architecture, but chose to pursue a career as an artist instead. Perhaps best described simply as a modernist, he was a significant contributor to both the dada and surrealist movements. He is definitely best known in the art world for his avant-garde photography, Man Ray produced major works in a variety of media. He is noted for his photo grams, which he renamed "rayographs" after himself. After researching I found out that its basically a photograph created without the use of a camera. A rayograph is created by placing objects directly onto a chemically “sensitized” surface and then exposing them to light. His first photograms were an extension of his surrealist group's dedication to chance and the irrational fringes of human experience.

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