Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Haydeé Muñoz submits Gregory Maifois

Gregory Maifois is an American/Russian artist who started as a painter and later evolved into a photographer. Unfortunately, he does not have a website and I could not find much about his intent. From what I read, his photos are criticizing art, its past, and how many aspects of it are still being recreated and are not creative anymore. I appreciate his sarcastic sense of humor. His second painting is called "Those Who Do Not Hear the Music May Think the Dancers Are Mad" and various of his titles are humorous or allegories which again criticizes the arts past. I find his images interesting but I don't see a connection with our lives, so I find them not as relevant as they should be. Maybe because the subjects he is choosing are things we have seen over and over again he is reinstating his commentary but as images they leave me wanting to take more out of them.

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