Sunday, November 14, 2010

Christel Schlager Submits Alan & Blake Weissling A Generational Influence

A Generational Influence

I decided to take a small part of each of the boy’s artist statements. So here they are below.
Alan: “I want to photograph my subjects simply the way they are, whether it’s portrait where I’m trying to document the true nature of the person, or a moment of time I want others to see, or an alternate view of a scene many people would have ignored”

Blake: “I’ve open this Pandora’s box now, with drawing parallels between music an photography, so in I must dive, For me, my individual images seem like druses in some unfinished symphony…the photographs I make now hopefully will contribute in some meaningful way to that symphony of mine. I invite you to listen in.”
These guys had great images, I was drawn more to Alan’s work though and his images are the one’s I’m sharing in this entry. He had such a great sense of capturing the moment and overall had such great images that made me think of my Tableau project. He tells a story with not even that many objects or even people present, and much like what his statement was about “wanting to document the true nature” I feel he has accomplished what he wanted very successfully with his work. He makes good use of composition, and uses many interesting angles within his pieces. The one with the couple at the airport is striking. Because it’s a moment capture, and you wonder what has happened to them. Why is the man hiding his face within the womens lap? Are they sad about something, because that’s the general feeling I get when I look at the piece.

Blake’s work seems to be just missing something that Alan is presenting. Maybe it’s just the whole feel and emotion behind the piece. Not all of his shots are successful in playing this symphony he describes, but a few were rather charming.

I really enjoy looking at these pictures at the San Antonio School of Art much more than looking at Kent Rush’s works which are being shown at the same time. I really do feel that if anyone has time to go and look at the Weissling brothers work, that you should.

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