Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ashley presents Sarah Moon

I have never really been into fashion photography but a few years ago I was introduced the work of French photographer Sarah Moon. Most of her work is done through the use of transfers especially her color work which is done using a pigment transfer technique. In most of her images you will notice that the faces of the models are either blurred out or covered by hands, it is said that the reason for this stems back to things that happened to her during her childhood, however she doesn't really talk about it so that is really all just speculation.

Her black and white work (above) has the feeling of a 1920's silent movie. There is really very little white and the images are scratched and look very industrial then you have the female figure that is soft and beautiful to contrast with the quality of the image. There is also a quietness to all of her work, I read somewhere that she tries to make photographs where nothing happens but she said that "In order to eliminate, there has to be something to begin with. For nothing to happen, something has to happen first."

Then there are her color images (below), I am absolutely blown away by these images. She uses a pigment transfer technique that gives the images there soft quality. The color in these is absolutely amazing though, the two color palate is what I find most interesting and she is able to translate the image off of that.

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