Monday, November 29, 2010

Les Krims presented by Ashley

It has come to my attention that not enough of the people I talk to from our class know of the genius of Les Krims, so I present him to you in all of his crazy, mixed up awesomeness.

We shall begin with one of my all time favorite series he did in 1972 'The Incredible Case of the Stack O' Wheats Murders.' This series is one of his more controversial because it is said to show women as victims of horrific crimes and I can see where these images could be seen as that but at the same time the absolute ridiculousness of there being a stack of pancakes in the images is just hilarious. In the box set he also included a package of "stack o' wheats' mix and a bottle of chocolate syrup (what he used for the blood).

Next we will move on to his homage to his mothers chicken soup. He Actually made a book in 1972 called 'Making Chicken Soup' and it is a book of his mother naked going over the recipe on how to make her chicken soup. Sooooo hilarious!

Then there are his images that just stand alone. Take for instance his 'Homage to the Crosstar Filter'

That is just a small sprinkling of his work for more go to and all of you should!

P.S. Small side note, Les Krims was the first official photographer for the Little People of America and he did make quite a few series of works with the organization.

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