Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christel Schlager Submits Todd Deutsch


Todd Deutsch unlike Sally Mann is on the opposite end of the spectrum when he uses HIS own children. He photographs his kids in the manner that I accepted them to be, Colorful, Funny, and even Heartwarming. He takes his everyday mundane life and photographs it in such a way that makes it a pin or stamp within his memory book. I enjoy the still shoots he takes, as he captures the moment. The first image that placed above is my favorite, because it’s his little boy playing with bright colorful Legos, and it’s almost like a Tableau because it’s not a few Legos, it’s a TON of Legos, and we all know how expensive just a small set can be. The composition with having the boy in the corner and the Legos everywhere just works and it’s why I ended up choosing it. The second image I choose is a Black & White image, and what drew me too it was the story that is happening. I can see one of the parents sleeping on the bed and the cutest thing that is happening though, is that the child looks like he is covering the parent up with a blanket. It reminds me of a role reversal where the parents tuck in their children before going to bed. It’s got a good composition with the angle of the walls meeting at the center of the image that helps create a vanishing point. I feel that this image could even do well as being a color image.

So overall, I really like the way how Todd uses his family in a positive way to create art, and appreciate him a bit more than Sally.

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