Monday, November 1, 2010

Salina Ellis presents Vincent Serbin

Vincent Serbin is another artist working with collaged imagery. He sometimes cuts and tears the negatives, tapes them back together and then overlaps them using 2, 3, or 4 negatives in a single print. He then selectively tones the print in sepia and/or selenium and bleach. The final result is a print that has several layers of texture. Serbin calls this process “metaphysical graffiti”. Like Carol Golemboski he also at times incorporates photo-gram imagery.

The artist uses a 4x5 camera to capture his images. I thought it was very interesting that for his body of work “Figure Ground” (2008) he did not take any pictures. Instead Serbin went through the 16,000 plus negatives he had taken over the last 20 years and created paired images. That particular series explores the relationship of man and nature.

Other bodies of work include “Metaphysical Ground” 2007 which concerns the themes of time, past and future, and metaphysics and “Toward Omega” addresses the goal of the Omega point for the human race. Earlier works contain themes of still life an nudes.

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