Monday, November 1, 2010

Yvette Coronado submits Jen Davis

Jen Davis series of Self Portraits (2003) are brutally honest and engaging. Davis focuses on the ideals of beauty, identity, and body image. In Fantasy No 1 (left) she reveals her fantasies of intimacy and love. Davis is the only figure lit, as her lover is hidden behind her. As she looks out into the room, she does not seem content or happy, it is as if she awaiting some unforeseen disaster. It is great example of how Davis understands her insecurities, self perception, and how other might see her.Her Portraits are not straight documentary, but also has a strong narrative element to them as well.
This is the first series of her Self Portraits and one can see the strong themes of isolation in the work. There is also a deep tension created for the viewer and the subject.In Untitled No 22, Davis does not look at the viewer, but allows herself to be studied and judged . Her lighting is dramatic, showcasing dark colors and stark flesh tones. I commend Davis on her frank portrayals. Her website does a great job showcasing her work and please check it out

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