Sunday, November 28, 2010

Yvette Coronado submits Lisa Kereszi

Lisa Kereszi's photography is similar to embarking on a treasure hunt through suburban America. Her work focuses on the small details within junkyards, grandma's house, and strip bars. Kereszi is Yale graduate, who received her MFA in photography in 2000 and was once an assistant to Nan Goldin. In interviews with Kereszi the artist admits to presenting her photography as straight prints, where no digital remastering occurs. This certainly gives all her work a sense of being honest and genuine. Kereszi's approach is not documentary, but her work has a mysterious narrative element about it. This is found in her series Haunted, where Kereszi photographs empty ,well lit haunted houses. Her subject matter could also be seen as kitsch, as in the objects found in her series To Grandmother's House. Kereszi's most popular series seems to be Fantasies, which center on the not so sensual side of strip clubs. All of her projects, ten in all, can found at her website Her website is well done, highly organized, and easy to navigate. Kereszi's photography are certainly captivating visions of the mundane.

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