Monday, November 1, 2010

Andrea Couture submits Richard Koenig

Richard Koenig uses photography it a bit of a different way. He explores the tension that is created in photography - its capacity to depict and deceive. Koenig tries to get his viewers to pay more attention to the photograph than the actual subject of the piece by re-photgraphing his photographs. He tricks the eye with the angles at which he takes the photograph, making a flat surface look three dimensional. Often times he will place his photos in the corner of a room where the lines of the photographs break the lines of the corner.
I think these photographs are interesting but only for a few minutes. At first, these photographs grab your attention because you aren't always sure what is going on but they become uninteresting once you discover what Koenig is doing. Koenig seems to pay a little bit of attention to the composition of his "re-photographs" and the minimal background help the viewer pay attention to what he is doing. I really appreciate how well Koenig has been able to perfect his technique but I feel like its time for him to move on.
Here's his website to look at more of his work.

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